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Good Daddy 2 AGame

Good Daddy 2 Game
Agame Good Daddy 2 Game
Description : This fabulous father is trying to get his son to school, but he could use a little help…
How to Play : Move : A,D or Left, Right Skill : Space
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Medieval Archer 2 AGame

Medieval Archer 2 Games, Medieval Archer 2 Agame
Description : Try to shoot as close to the bulls eye as possible.
How to Play : This game is played with mouse only.
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Cops and Robbers AGame

Cops and Robbers Game
Description : Grimeport city is overrun by criminals.. your job is to chase them down, and bring them in! \\\\\\\”Cops and Robbers\\\\\\\” is a fun chaotic game, which is simple to play and addictive. It is a variation on the running platformer genre, with a twist – which is that you are always chasing a robber across the randomly generated scenery.
How to Play : In the games
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Dino Shift AGame

Dino Shift Game
Description : Collect enough blocks by changing color to open the exit.
How to Play : Arrow Keys to move [Z,X,C] keys or Spacebar to change color [R] to restart level
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Bomb Besieger Agame

Bomb Besieger – Agamecom – Agame Games
Description : Blow all knights off the screen.
How to Play : Use your MOUSE to aim and fire.
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Farm Doggie Agame

Farm Doggie Game
Description : What a wolf in sheep’s clothing…
How to Play : Arrows = Move Snatch all the sheep before time runs out—and don’t get caught by the farmer !
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Anime Fighting Jam Wing Games

Anime Fighting Jam Wing Games
Description : Great anime action fighting game. Play it with enemy CPU or 2 Player Mode.
How to Play : Player 1: A / D – Move. W – Jump. S – Squat. J – Punch. K – Kick. U – Dodge. I – Defend Attack. O – Power Bust. L – Special Attack. Player 2: Left / Right Arrow Keys – Move. up Arrow Key – Jump. Down Arrow Key – Squat. Numpad 1 – Punch. Numpad 2 – Kick. Numpad 4 – Dodge. Numpad 5 – Defend Attack. Numpad 6 – Power Bust. Numpad 3 – Special Attack.
Click to play : http://www.a-agame.com/game/anime-fighting-jam-wing.html
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Agame Kings League Odyssey Games

Kings League Odyssey Games
Description : Use your smarts, an iron will and maybe a little luck to put together a top notch team of kick ass warriors and take on the whole word. Upgrade your armor, your weapons, your abilities and your brain power to take on legions of un relenting rivals !
How to Play : Mouse: Click on to interact with in game objects, menus and characters.
Click to play : http://www.a-agame.com/game/kings-league-odyssey.html
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Zombo Buster AGame

Agame Zombo Buster Games
Description : ALERT: The zombie apocalypse has reached your building! Luckily you head up an elite anti-zombie squad…
How to Play : Play This games with mouse
Play more Games : Agame Zombie
Click to play : Agame Zombo Buster Games
Blogger : Agame Games
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Rescue Dog Games

Agame Rescue Dog Games
Description : Rescue the girl trapped under the snow. After a normal day hike you need to rescue a girl from the snow. Dig deep and save her before time runs out.
How to Play : Play this games with mouse
Play Games :  Agame Rescue Dog Games
Play more : Agame Animal
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